Curriculum Catalog

What is a Catalog?

The Minority Contractors Collaboration catalog is a student’s official record of programs and courses. The catalog is updated annually by the curriculum committee, each fall semester the new catalog goes into effect.   Although this catalog was prepared using the best information available at the time, all information is subject to change without notice or obligation. The information listed in this catalog is intended as a record Minority Contractors Collaboration course description. The content of a course or program may be altered to meet particular class needs as long as all learning objectives and competencies are met.
The catalog is designed to make planning and scheduling as simple as possible. Additional help is available from our Director of Education. Students are encouraged to meet regularly with their instructors to ensure they are on track to graduate. Our Director of Education and Instructors provide academic advisement; however, each student at Minority Contractors Collaboration is ultimately responsible for understanding and fulfilling all requirements.