About Us

Minority Contractors Collaboration

Vision Statement: 

Training minority companies to compete in the construction industry. 

Mission Statement: 

Minority Contractors Collaboration (MCC) is about collaborating with construction industry professionals to build more productive businesses and a more knowledgeable workforce for minority communities. We are helping all professionals start their own construction business, while providing the workforce needed to help their business grow! We embrace diversity in the workplace and in business. This helps broaden our skill base and become more competitive and innovative in the workforce. We offer apprenticeships, skill trade certification, and job placement. MCC is available to service all minority companies however our primary focus is black and brown companies striving for greatness in the construction industry. 

Minority Contractors Collaboration (MCC) provides training for entry level construction laborers to assist with the high demand in the construction industry today. Completion of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Core Curriculum results in an industry-recognized credential through NCCER. Completion of the Core Curriculum assists in the development of entry level skills and knowledge that can support attainment of work in the construction industry.  

MCC has a diverse group of construction employees who strives to create passionate hardworking construction workers. MCC offers virtual training and has hand on instructors to ensure no student is left behind. If you are in need of funding to pay for training, do not be discouraged; just contact us!

Meet Our Team

Antonio Lipscomb- President  
 (317) 205-7058


Ron Gibson: Director of Veterans Affairs (219) 292-1988

Erich Newman- Director of Education (Marion County)  
(317) 820-7938

Steven Boyd- Director of Administration  (463) 239-5337

Madelyne Woodworth – Human Resources
 (463) 239-5336 

Joshua Simpson – Lead Instructor