5844-Introduction to Basic Construction Skills

Building Construction

5844-Introduction to Basic Construction Skills

COURSE CONTENT:Topical areas of study include-

Basic Safety
Instruction to Construction Math
Introduction to Hand Tools
Introduction to Power Tools
Introduction to Construction Drawings
Introduction to Basic Rigging
Basic Communication Skills
Basic Employability Skills
Introduction to Material Handling

Introduction to Basic Construction Skills

PROGRAM: Building Construction
TIMES OFFERED: Day, Evening, Weekend
JOB PLACEMENT OFFERED: Job Placement Services

Minority Contractors Collaboration (MCC) provides training for entry level construction laborers to assist with the high demand in the construction industry today. Completion of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Core Curriculum results in an industry-recognized credential through NCCER. Completion of the Core Curriculum assists in the development of entry level skills and knowledge that can support attainment of work in the construction industry. Construction Trades, General A program that generally prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills in the building, inspecting, and maintaining of structures and related properties. May include instruction in masonry, carpentry, electrical and
power transmission installation, building/construction finishing, management, inspection, and other construction-related applications.